For Regular season (May and June) days and dates see Division Descriptions "Baseball" or "Softball"

Post-Season tournament information and All-Star game dates are below. These will be posted at District 1 for 2024 soon

AOR is hosting the following tournaments in 2024:

CityWide Majors Baseball tournament: June 19-28
AOR Minors Tournament - TBD end of June/or first week in July
Intermediate All-star pool play:  June 27, 28, 29
Baseball 9-11 All-Stars: July 7-13

When we get closer to tournament time, a link will be posted for to sign up to volunteer.

Anchorage CityWide Majors Baseball Tournament -
June 19-28, 2024
Bracket will be updated here during the tournament
Volunteers - we can't do it without you! Please check in closer to the tournament for ways you can help

AOR Minors Baseball Tournament - last week of June or first week of July 2024
All regular season AOR Minors teams play in the first game and then single elimination bracket play follows
Dates will be posted when they are determined

AOR age 8-12 Baseball All-Star Teams 
3 or 4 teams will be selected from the 8-12 age range: an age 8-10 team; an age 9-11 team and an age 11-12 team. A 4th team in this age range will be selected pending coaching interest and sufficient turnout.  
*Please note both tryout time and tournament dates when selecting the tryout division for 11 year olds. Age 11 players who try out for the age 11-12 year old team and are not selected will have the opportunity to be selected for the age 9-11 team. Ensure you are committed to the practice and tournament schedule so that if you are selected for the team, you are willing and available to participate. 
**Managers are needed for each team. Must already be a registered AOR manager, coach or assistant coach. Letter of application is due to the AOR board by 5pm Tuesday May 28.  
***Practice schedules will be at the discretion of the coach but can be expected to start by June 17, with a break for the July 4 holiday.
****Anyone who must miss the tryout can send an email BEFORE the tryout date to [TBD] declaring they wish to be considered based on their record of play. There will be no make-up tryout date. 

AOR Baseball All-Star Tryouts - Jun 7, 2024
8-11 year olds - June 7 from 5 pm - 7pm; Black Field at AOR; for anyone trying out for the 8-10 team or the 9-11 team
11-12 year olds - June 7 from 7 pm - 9 pm, Black Field at AOR; for anyone trying out for the 11-12 team
13 year olds (Intermediate) -TBD, Stadium Field at AOR

Baseball All-Stars Schedule - 2024
8-10 year old All-Stars
July 7-12 in Palmer

9-11 year-old All Stars
July 7-13 at AOR

LL All-Stars tournament
July 9th-11th pool play at Dimond West or Kenai
July 13-19 bracket play at Knik
District winner's travel day July 23; State Tournament District 2 July 24-29
State winner's travel day July 31; LL Regional Tournament August 2-8 in San Bernardino, CA

Intermediates 50/70 All-Stars
June 27-29 pool play - At AOR 
Take off 4th of July weekend
July 6-12 bracket play at Knik
State winner's travel day July 15; LL Intermediate Regional Tournament July 17-25 in Nogales, AZ

Seniors tournament 
July 13-16 in Palmer

Softball Tournaments
Softball 8-10 minors
July 6-11 in Pamer 

Softball LL
July 1-3 - pool play at Nunaka Valley
July 6-9 - District Tournament at Nunaka Valley 
District winner travel day July 11; State tournament July 12-17 at Nunaka Valley
State winner's travel day July 19; LL Softball Regional Tournament July 21-27 in San Bernardino, CA

Softball Juniors
July 1-3 pool play at Palmer
July 6-9 bracket play at Palmer
District Tournament July 12-15 at Palmer
State winner's travel day July 17; Juniors Softball Regional Tournament July 19-25 in Tucson, AZ


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