Majors Division (baseball) 

The AOR Majors division is for players 9 to 12 years old. It is a “legacy” league in that players (and coaches) return to their same teams each year. The level of play is a step up from Minors, but the field size, rules, and ages are all the same (except 12 year olds must be in Majors).  All games are either at the Ruth Arcand complex on the northeast corner of O’Malley Road and Lake Otis pkwy or on our field in Girdwood. Practices times and locations are up to the discretion of each team’s coach.  Teams play on the 40/60 sized fields (same size as Machine Pitch and Minors).

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Players not already on a Majors team must try out, at the Player Performance Evaluation (PPE) held in April before the season, and are then drafted onto a team. All 12 years olds are automatically placed into Majors (they are no longer allowed to play minors). Most 11–year olds, about half the 10-year olds, and a very few 9-year olds are also placed into Majors; all other players are placed into the Minors. We encourage all interested players to try out and get a feel for the tryout process, even if they’re unlikely to be ready this year.  

The Majors division is meant to be an inclusive environment that fosters a love for the game, while developing the building blocks for competitive baseball. It is a competitive environment, but forgiving – scores are kept and standings are recorded, but the emphasis is still on development. The season ends with a city-wide tournament of all Majors teams from around Anchorage, generally about 24 teams.

Because the age range is similar for Minors (8-11) and Majors (9-12), one the most frequent questions is what division should my 9-11 year old play in? Simply put, the Majors is a more competitive environment. Here are some main differences between the Minors and Majors:

·         Players must try out for Majors;

·         Players return to their same Majors team each year;

·         All 12 years olds need to be in Majors (with some exceptions);

·         Minors is more suitable for kids who have never played before;

·         All Majors games are at the Ruth Arcand complex;

·         As noted, the Minors is a less competitive environment.

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