When does the season start/end?
The season begins when we can safely play on the fields. Tee Ball, Machine Pitch, and Minors Softball and Baseball usually begin the week after Opening Ceremonies (usually the second Saturday in May). Games for Majors and the Interleague divisions (Softball, Intermediate, and Seniors) usually begin prior to Opening Ceremonies and often play a game on Opening Day.

We finalize game schedules once the teams are formed. This occurs after registration has closed, typically the first week of May. 

The season ends for Minors and Majors at the end of June.  The All Star season begins in July.  The season for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch ends around the last week of June/1st week in July, depending on the weather. See the "Division Descriptions" tab and click on "baseball" or "softball" for this year's dates.

How many games/practices are there each week? 
Tee Ball and Coach Pitch usually have 1-2 games per week either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Practices are at the coach's discretion and usually take place before the game.

Minors Baseball has 2 games per week Tuesday/Thursday and practice is at the coach's discretion. (Typically practices are held on non-game days.)

Majors Baseball has 2-3 games per week, typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Practice is at the coach's discretion. (Typically practices are held on non-game days.)

Senior Baseball schedules are inter-league throughout the city and can vary from 2-3 games per week.  Practices are at the coach's discretion.

Softball -  Minor through Junior schedules are inter-league throughout the city and can vary from 2-3 games per week.  Practices are at the coach's discretion.

We know summertime is packed with all kinds of activities.  We do not schedule games on the weekends during the regular season other than Opening Ceremonies.

What division should my child play?

In general, the division ages are as follows:

Tee Ball:  Ages 4 and 5, co-ed (age 6, depending on the child and his/her skill level)
Machine Pitch:  Ages 6-8, co-ed baseball or girls' softball
Minors:  Ages 9-11, co-ed baseball or girls' softball
Majors:  Ages 10-12; boys' baseball and girls' softball 
Intermediate:  Age 13
Juniors: Ages 12-14
Seniors: Ages 14, 15, 16
Click on the dropdown menu under "Division Description" for more details on each division.
Little League age charts are updated each year and a calculator is available. 

What type of equipment does my player need?

Every player will receive a jersey and a hat. Your coach will distribute these no later than the first game.
-Players should bring their own glove. 
-Team bats and batting helmets are available. Players may use their own if they have their own. 
(Each team will need a volunteer to sanitize shared equipment between players.)

Consider providing your player with the following:
- Cleats (It is not mandatory that kids have cleats, but when the field is a little wet, regular gym shoes will tend to slip. Metal cleats are not allowed for safety concerns.)
- Bat, if you have your own and want to use it (Little League bat regulations)
- Batting gloves (optional)
- Sun glasses (optional)
- Baseball pants - these are not really necessary for Tee ball or Machine Pitch. For Minors, this is optional but they help with learning to slide. For Majors and older, check with your coach if there is a preferred color for the team pants.
-Softball - players may use a fielder's mask such as RIIP-IT or other brands. 

What is the AOR League boundary? Am I eligible for AOR or another Anchorage Little League?
AOR is one of the Leagues in Alaska District 1. AOR's boundaries are in South Anchorage and Hillside.

Each Little League program has a league boundary map, which serves several purposes, including maintaining a community environment within the league. There are 3 options for where Little Leaguers can play: based on their primary residence, based on a secondary residence if parents have residences in a different boundary, or based on their school's location.

The District 1 website lists all of the Leagues and ways to contact each one. You can enter your address in the Little League League Finder page to see which one to contact. 
Check out the Little League Boundaries page for information on this.

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