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May, 2022

Snack shack opening - volunteers needed

I know we don't have team allocations completed yet and game schedules aren't up yet but there are a few things we'll need to do to get ready for the season and I'm looking for helpers on the Snack Shack Squad. 

On Sunday May 8, I plan to open up the Snack Shack, get the water running, turn on freezers and do a deep clean from winter grime. I am looking for 2-3 volunteers to help me in the afternoon (times TBD, maybe 3-5?). 

On Wednesday or Thursday May 11 or 12 in the evening I will plan to make the first Costco run of the season and could use some more help shopping, transporting and moving the supplies into the Snack Shack.

I am also seeking a co-coordinator or even a Squad to be the point of contact for volunteers on Monday and Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays. This person would help open the Snack Shack about an hour before game time (approx 5:30 or 5:45), train the volunteers who arrive at 6:00, and supervise the operation. I plan to be at the fields and can bring the iPad register and cash box each day, but plan to focus on my son's games those nights. I will be the volunteer trainer/coordinator/operations lead on Tuesday/Thursday nights during minors games. 

If you can help with set up on May 8, shopping that week, or even some of the Snack Shack Squad duties, please let me know at [email protected].
More information on the Snack Shack and FAQs are available on the website at Snack Shack (

As always, we'll look for 2 or 3 volunteers from the teams to work in the Snack Shack on game nights so if none of these volunteer days are options for you, we do appreciate your help on one or 2 game nights during the season! Look for a SignUpGenius to be posted immediately following creation of the game schedules. 

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